Our Services

Care & Independence Ltd specialises in moving and handling equipment and we pride ourselves on our range of innovative products and services. We are constantly seeking new ways to improve safety, comfort & dignity within the care industry and welcome the opportunity to develop new working relationships. We were one of the first companies to introduce slide sheet material as an integral part of slings to help easier fitting. We were also the first company in the UK to incorporate QR codes onto the labels of our slings.

Accessibility and independence are at the heart of the services that we offer and that is what drives the work that we do. We offer free on-site or remote assessments for our products. To book an appointment or an assessment, contact us on 033 012 80808.

Our services include:

Design and manufacture

We have two UK-based workshops where we design and manufacture our products. All of our staff work under the ethos of ‘Improving Lives’.

The products that we design and manufacture in-house:
• Slings
• Shower Chairs and Cradles
• Stretchers

Training 2
Only people with appropriate training should use hoists and slings unsupervised. Ideally that training will be specific to the products used unless the person is competent with that product. The instructions for use should be to hand for people to reference when using equipment, but that is not a substitute for training.

The instructions for use are tagged to all new Glove slings. If another copy is required, they can be downloaded free of charge from our website.

To arrange a training or Continuous Professional Development session, please get in touch. Sessions can be tailored or adapted to suit the individual or situational needs.