Track Systems

Track Systems are ideal for transfers within a room space. They can be tailored to fit a single room or can be used to transfer a client between multiple rooms.

  • Aluminium, white coated track
  • Manual and powered boom configurations available (X-Y Track System only)
  • Can be tailored to fit client’s requirements
  • 2 year warranty on manufacturing faults
  • Compatible with the HS200 or EasyHoist

The Track Systems come in any of the following options:

Straight Track

Straight Tracks are ideal for general transfers, and can be used in any combination to achieve the required client specification. There are 3 track types available for the Straight Track; Standard Track, Inline Charging Track and Recessed Track.

Curved Track

The Curved Track System is a cost effective alternative to redirecting a track configuration, and can be added in place of a turntable in some circumstances. There are 3 curve angle tracks available, allowing for more flexibility when tailoring a track to fit a client’s requirements. These track angles are 22.5 degrees, 45 degrees and 90 degrees.

X-Y Track System (H Frame)

The X-Y Track System (H Frame) provides full room coverage, and is ideal when a number of transfers need to be achieved in a small area. For example in the bath/shower room or classroom there could be many transfer points – wheelchair / shower chair / toilet / bath / shower or changing facility. In some situations an X-Y System has been fitted above a ‘soft play area’, sensory room or hydrotherapy pool, offering transfer or lifting points over the key areas wherever necessary.

Link System

When considering using X-Y Systems for multiple rooms, links can be provided to join one system to the next, there by enabling one hoist to cover both systems. This can either be X-Y to X-Y or X-Y to a single Straight Track, providing easy transfer from room to room, or situation to situation.


Turntables are an alternative option when fixed transfer points are required. They are available in a wide range of rotation angles (90 degrees as standard) with 3 or four entry and exit points. Turntable rotation is operated by the hoist hand control.


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Product Description

Track Systems are ideal for transfers within a room space.


Additional Information

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