SatinSheet 2Direction BaseSheet and DrawSheet

The SatinSheet BaseSheet and DrawSheets are a great moving and handling solution. They can be used individually or combined depending on the client’s needs. The maximum user weight for both types of slide sheet is 200kg.

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SatinSheet 2Direction BaseSheet

The SatinSheet 2Direction BaseSheet has a low-friction satin area in the centre of the sheet that allows a client to be moved side to side, and thus facilitating turning in bed. The edges of the sheet are made of cotton/polyester which prevents movement, allowing the client to sit on the edge of the bed without slipping.

The 2Direction BaseSheet can be used in combination with both the 2Direction and 4Direction DrawSheets. The sheet is available in three lengths; Mini covers the hip section of the bed, Midi covers the shoulder and head section of the bed and Maxi covers the entire length of the bed. Mini and Midi sheets also come in the choice of two widths; 60cm or 70cm.

The Maxi is available in four options; Maxi Flat sheet (240 x 200cm or 200 x 200cm) is a normal bed sheet, Maxi Corner sheet (90 x 200 cm) has elastic straps at the corners for fixing to a mattress, Maxi Fit sheet (90 x 200 cm) is a fitted sheet with locking strings and a lower satin area that covers the entire width of the mattress, and the Maxi Double (280×200) is a flat sheet for a double bed with satin on one side.

SatinSheet 2Direction DrawSheet

When the client’s needs are increased, the base satin sheet can be used in combination with the SatinSheet 2Direction BaseSheet. When used together, these slide sheets facilitate lateral movement and turning in a bed. The satin sheet material reduces movement on the bed, making turning much easier.

The DrawSheet is available in two sizes; Draw Mini (200 x 100cm) and Draw Midi (200 x 140cm).

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Product Description

The SatinSheet BaseSheet and DrawSheet can be used together or separately to provide a great moving and handling solution.

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SatinSheet 2Direction BaseSheet

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