Rise and Fall Wall Mounted Shower and Changing Stretcher

Our easy-to-operate multi-purpose height adjustable shower changing stretcher is available in standard lengths from 1400 to 1800mm, with a Safe Working Load of 190kg.

The Rise and Fall Wall Mounted Stretcher has a travel range from 500mm to 900mm and can easily lift a client to a convenient height for washing and changing. It is the optimum height when lowered for side transfers from a wheelchair, and folds away very neatly when not in use.  The unit is wall-fixed, but can also be fixed to a floor mounted frame, if the walls are unsuitable to take a load.

  • Smooth, silent operation with complete safety for the client
  • Allows transfer from wheelchair or hoist at convenient height
  • Powers up to a safe and comfortable working height for the carer
  • Made from stainless steel for durability
  • Stretcher locks automatically in its upright position
  • Second layer of material collects the waste water and channels it towards drain
  • Under-layer can be used instead as protective curtain
  • Fully padded, slip-resistant bed base and side for greater comfort
  • Floor-mounting frame available in cases where wall is unsuitable for load (optional)

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Product Description

The Rise and Fall Wall Mounted Stretcher is the optimum height when lowered for side transfers from a wheelchair.

Additional Information

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