Positioning Wedge

The Positioning Wedge is used to support static positioning. It can be used on its own or in combination with other turn and positioning aids.

The Wedge can be used to support a client during turning, resting or when hygiene or wound care is performed.

It is made with a non-slip material, which helps it to remain in a comfortable position without it slipping.

It can also be combined with the 4WayGlide System, SatinSheet System, MultiGlide or other slide sheets. The Wedge is available in 2 sizes; Small (30 x 20 x 53 cm) and Large (30 x 20 x 80 cm).

The maximun user weight for the Positioning Wedge is 200kg.

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Product Description

The Positioning Wedge supports clients on their side after turning, when resting or when performing hygiene or wound care.

Additional Information

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