Maxi Sky 440 Portable Hoist

The Maxi Sky 440 Portable Hoist is lightweight and easy to use. It can be used with our Portable Gantry for simple lifting and transfer when away from home.

The spreader bar, when folded out, offers the same width between suspension points as found on most non-portable track hoists, ensuring compatibility with most types of sling and a comfortable sitting position for the service user.

The Hoist is compatible with a wide range of slings. Its controls are easily accessible, ensuring smooth and easy operation. The handset is intuitive to use.

  • Electronic soft-start and soft-stop
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Low battery and charging indicators
  • Safe Working Load is 200kg

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For a video on assembling the Portable Gantry, click here.


Product Description

The Maxi Sky 440 is a portable hoist that can be used with our Portable Gantry for lifting and transferring when away from home.

Additional Information

Click Here for PDF of The Maxi Sky Booklet