Infant Tilt-In-Space Shower Chair

The Infant Tilt-In-Space Shower Chair is designed to provide a comfortable alternative showering system to assist the carer and provide comfort to the user.

They may also be used in circumstances where there is limited space and where other units (e.g. a mobile shower trolley) may not have room for operation. A Paediatric Tilt-In-Space Shower Chair may sometimes be used as a cost-effective and comfortable alternative.

There are four seat options available for this chair; flexi, toilet aperture, gap front and full seat. These seats are padded, providing extra comfort and support whilst using the chair.

  • Detachable armrests available
  • Padded side infills optional (available in a choice of colours)
  • Novelty Wheels optional
  • Adjustable height
  • Reclines to 45°
  • Adjustable footrest and headrest
  • Safe Working Load of 100kg
  • 15 year warranty on frame

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Product Description

The Infant TIS Shower Chair is designed to provide a comfortable showering alternative, and comes with a choice of four padded seats.

Additional Information


  • Lap Straps
  • Harnesses
  • Thoracic Lateral Support
  • Calf Straps
  • Foot Straps
  • Commode Pan



The following choice of colours are available on pads, infills and footrests:

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