GXFP – Glove™ Foxy Deluxe Plus

The Glove™ Foxy Deluxe Plus was developed for those situations when the leg supports on a standard sling are too short for comfort. Typically it will provide easier fitting and greatly improved comfort for people with very broad hips and larger thighs than average. The Glove™ Foxy Deluxe Plus incorporates all of the benefits of the Glove™ Tux Deluxe, but is tailored for a different fit with extensor straps and a fitted headshell.

Our Glove™ slings are available in 12 sizes, with clip and loop options. The Safe Working Load for sizes 1-9 is 200kg and 350kg for sizes 10-12.

All of our slings have contrasting colours for safety critical stitching and are compatible with most hoists. Contact us for sling compatibility confirmation.

By using our sizing chart, you can save assessment time and get it right the very first time!

  • 12 sizes available with clip or loop options
  • Sizes in stock from tiniest paediatric to largest bariatric
  • Sling made in Blue soft knitted Polyester
  • Padded leg supports for comfort
  • Leg supports lined with crimson ULF fabric with properties that reduce the risk from pressure ulcers
  • ULF fabric also makes fitting and removing the sling easier
  • Padded vertebrae support further improves comfort
  • Unique ‘Suspension’ facility that counterpoises extensor spasm incorporating a fitted head support
  • Water drainage holes for when sling is used in a bath or shower
  • Wash up to 95 degrees for infection control safely
  • Tumble dry on low for speed and convenience
  • Lifetime warranty for manufacturing faults

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Product Description

The Glove™ Foxy Deluxe Plus is tailored for a different fit with extensor straps and a fitted headshell.

Additional Information

Click Here for PDF of User Guide

Click Here for PDF on Taking Care of Glove Slings