GPS – Glove™ Power Silk

The GPS is designed specifically for situations where the user has to sit on a sling in a moulded chair. The fabric is unique in that it is soft, silky and strong, as you would expect from a sling.

High Air permeability helps to reduce sweating and associated risks, and the unique shape (similar to the Airflow) provides full support and security. There are also pockets to ‘hide’ away the straps when not in use, which eliminates the risk of snagging.

Our Glove™ slings are available in 12 sizes, with clip and loop options. The Safe Working Load for sizes 1-9 is 200kg and 350kg for sizes 10-12.

All of our slings have contrasting colours for safety critical stitching and are compatible with most hoists. Contact us for sling compatibility confirmation.

By using our sizing chart, you can save assessment time and get it right the very first time!

  • Available in size 1-9  with clip or loop options
  • SWL: 1-5 100kg,  6-7 150kg, 8-9 200kg
  • Gossamer thin, The Power Silk™ fabric reduces the pressure ulcer risk associated with creases in thicker fabrics
  • Designed to be left under user in a chair
  • Unique split leg design without aperture for maximum comfort and minimal tissue viability risk
  • Very low friction coefficient reduces pressure ulcer risk from friction shear associated with the very soft materials sometimes incorporated into slings with the objective of enhancing comfort
  • Full support shape to maximise comfort
  • The ethereal quality of the Power Silk™ means that the comfort inherent in the moulded chair is not lost and therefore does not need compensating for
  • Incorporated high tenacity Ripstop® makes the sling far stronger than you might expect. The amazing strength/volume ratio is one of the reasons that Special Forces use this fabric, where performance is everything!
  • Unique ‘Pocket Straps’ for maximum discretion and safety
  • Integral headshell for added support and extensor straps giving a unique ‘suspension’ facility that counterpoises extensor spasm
  • Optional neck pillow for added support
  • Available in Black, Pillar-box Red or Nautical Blue
  • Wash up to 95 degrees for infection control safely
  • Tumble dry on low for speed and convenience
  • Lifetime warranty for manufacturing faults

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Product Description

The GPS is designed specifically for situations where the user has to sit on a sling in a moulded chair.

Additional Information

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