GFOOT – Glove™ Foot

An extended and unsupported leg, puts excessive load on their lower thigh increasing risk of tissue damage or fracture. If a carer manually supports the leg they will stoop while fitting, this increases their risk of back injury. They may also inadvertently bend or twist the leg causing discomfort or injury. A GFOOT can be used to address this problem.

This GFOOT is available in 3 sizes, paediatric, adult and bariatric with a Safe Working Load of 75kg.

  • 3 sizes available, Adult, Paediatric and Bariatric (GFOOT, GFOOT/P, and GFOOT/B)
  • Cups around the heel of the user
  • Multiple uses including raising the leg to fit a sling under the thigh
  • Additional support for users with legs in plaster which put excessive loads on the lower thigh
  • Provides support for limbs whilst a dressing is applied
  • Adjustable straps to support the leg on a hoist in different positions e.g. extended or bent
  • Wash up to 95 degrees for infection control safely
  • Tumble dry on low for speed and convenience
  • Lifetime warranty for manufacturing faults

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The GFOOT can be cupped around the heel of a person whilst they are sat in a wheelchair and attached to a hoist. Their leg can then be raised to ease the fitting of their sling under their thigh.

Product Description

The GFOOT is a great sling choice when leg support is required.

Additional Information

Click Here for PDF of User Guide

Click Here for PDF on Taking Care of GloveTM Slings