COMFORT VALUE™ Universal Poly Six Highback(CVUPS-HB)


The COMFORT VALUE™ Universal Poly Six Highback (CVUPS-HB) is a great general purpose transfer sling.


The COMFORT VALUE™ Universal Poly Six Highback (CVUPS-HB ) from Care & Independence delivers on high-performance functionality and great comfort too.

Featuring six loop straps, the waist loop straps provide additional security and help reduce abduction of the hips when hoisting, the CVUPS-HB is a highback style offering additional head support.   It also features an aperture suitable for toileting and cross-over leg support; both of which provide comfort and practicality for the user. The sling is suitable for most conditions and can be used in both wet and dry environments.

Designed for ease of fitting and practicality, the key features of the COMFORT VALUE™ Universal Poly Six Highback sling include:

  • Double-sided parasilk sheet material on legs for ease of fitting
  • No binding to outside of legs to reduce pressure behind the knee and reduce sheer and drag when fitting
  • Made from soft-knit polyester fabric
  • Extended integral head support that can be folded down for neck support if required
  • One cut manufacture to reduce seams
  • Six secure integrated loop fixings (shoulder, waist and leg)
  • Double-stitched colour-contrast seams at vulnerable areas for added safety and durability
  • Easy to apply with straight leg and inside pick-up
  • Toileting aperture for convenience
  • Can be hammocked for below-the-knee amputees (we recommend a safety support strap in this instance)
  • Compatible with vast majority of hoists and stand aids
  • Safe Working Load of 230kg
  • 3 year warranty

Product Description

The COMFORT VALUE™ Universal Poly Six Highback sling (CVUPS-HB) offers comfort, practicality and durability for general transfer situations.

Additional Information

User Guide – Comfort Value Universal Poly Six Highback