COMFORT VALUE Range: Shower/commode Chair


 Introducing our new COMFORT VALUE bathing chairs that are sure to be a hit with Community Equipment Stores (CES) across the UK:

COMFORT VALUE Shower/Commode Chair Attendant (CVSC/ATT)
COMFORT VALUE Shower/Commode Chair Self-Propelled (CVSC/SP)


These new products have been designed specifically to provide not only high-performance functionality but great comfort too.  The COMFORT VALUE product range has been developed with the CES market in mind, where quality is a necessity for longevity of product life cycle yet budget is often constrained.   

The COMFORT VALUE range addresses this paradox by delivering products that boast the same quality of manufacture which one has come to expect from Care & Independence yet, with innovations in design, materials and assembly which allow the new range to be offered at a more budget-conscious price. For example, each of the products are modular, sharing common parts across the range.  This benefits CES by not only providing key cost savings but in reducing the level of excess parts needed to be held in stock, as reconfiguring, reconditioning and refurbishing chairs can be completed from the mother stock held by the CES.  In turn, COMFORT VALUE bathing products display valuable ‘green’ attributes, through their capacity to be recyclable, reusable and robust for multi-user environments if required.

Other features of the COMFORT VALUE bathing range include ergonomic considerations during use.  For the care giver, height adjustable braked castors, movable armrests and swing-away lockable footrests (which can also flip up), allow easier accessibility whilst simultaneously providing security and comfort to the user. 

Removable soft-padded gap seats are fitted as standard for the user’s comfort.  These can be positioned either fronted or reversed for easy hygiene access during toileting. The seat support areas are fitted with four-way stretch vinyl providing comfort and easy wipe-clean benefits.

Each of our COMFORT VALUE bathing products can withstand the most vigorous decontamination routines.  This is due to the hard-wearing anti-corrosive stainless steel, high-quality gloss powder-coated frame, which protects the basic structure from corrosion and rust issues known to effect other bathing products available in the market, thus increasing the product’s lifespan.

With orders already received for COMFORT VALUE products ahead of the official launch, the COMFORT VALUE range is destined to become a success story and a much-sought after cost-effective solution.

Please note:  The COMFORT VALUE bathing range is not available as an assessed product.

For further information, please download the User Guide and Technical Specification: 
User Guide – Comfort Value Shower Chair UG-CVSC-EN02 (self-propelled and attendant models)
TECH SPEC – Comfort Value Shower Chairs TS-CVSC-01 (self propelled and attendant models)

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ACCESSORIES Commode pan (with lid & rack) Adjustable lap strap Adjustable foot straps (pair) Thoracic support Lateral head support