4WayGlide Maxi Mattress and NylonSheet

The 4WayGlide Mattress and NylonSheet can be used when turning bariatric clients and are suitable for wider beds. The Mattress has handles on the inside to improve grip and to allow attachment to a hoist if required. It also has a wipe clean surface, allowing for easy cleaning.

The Nylon Sheet has a unique lock on sheet function, and non slip material along the bedside which helps to prevent the client from moving during a turn.

The Mattress comes in the following options; 4Way LPL Maxi Mattress, cotton, green (180 x 210cm) and 4Way LPL Maxi Mattress, grey (180 x 210cm). The Sheet is available in one size; 110 x 200cm.

The maximum user weight for the Mattress and the NylonSheet is 300kg.

To watch a video on using the 4WayGlide Maxi Mattress and NylonSheet, click here.

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Product Description

When used in combination, the 4WayGlide Mattress and NylonSheet are suitable for turning bariatric clients and can be used on wider beds.

Additional Information

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