Care & Independence Pressure Mapping Research

At Care & Independence we are proud to say that all of our Slings & Bathing products are designed with safety, comfort and the wellbeing of the user at the heart of everything we do.

The images below summarise the results of pressure mapping conducted by a seating specialist with the Glove(TM) Airflow Sling on three types of wheelchair relieving cushion: Mercury 175, Jay 2 and Roho HP.

The results compare each cushion with and without the Glove(TM) Airflow Sling in place. The data common to each of the tests is a follows:

System Xsensor: Technology Corporation Subject:
Male: weight 73kg
Scale: 10 – 200mg Hg
Sling: Glove(TM) Airflow Sling, Size 7


The maps illustrate that the sling does not increase the average or peak pressure with any of the cushions. The Manufacturer of the Glove(TM) Airflow Sling does not make claims about any pressure relieving benefits of the sling, however, readers familiar with pressure mapping will undoubtedly draw their own conclusions. The test results provide clear reassurance that the Glove(TM) Airflow Sling does not detrimentally affect the load distribution properties of the cushions.

Download a copy of the Care & Independence Pressure Mapping research: Care & Independence GAIR Pressure Mapping